Special Thanks to Barkingspider for the use of his Sig. All photos by Gunther.

Copyright 2005 The Roughnecks

Sig 552 Disassembly by Gunther

The following are instructions on how to open up a Sig 552 AEG. These are not intended to train you on how to become an expert gun tech. They are simply for reference in case you are in a bind and don't know how it should look. If you are unfamiliar with how the inner workings of an AEG operate, then I would suggest you leave the task of opening and upgrading your AEG to one of the many professionals on or off the field. This is a simple pictorial on the steps you need to perform in order to get into the mech box. Follow the directions in opposite order to reassemble your AEG. The photos are small on this page for loading purposes. Click the photo to open a larger view.