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Ranks as set by the US Marine Corp.


Brigadier General



Lieutenant Colonel



1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant


Warrant Officer 4

Warrant Officer 3

Warrant Officer 2

Warrant Officer 1

Sergeant Major of the Marine Corp.

Sergeant Major

Master Gunnery Sergeant


Roughnecks Second Squad - Reserves
Recruits - Applications in process



Father and Husband

Faithful member of the team and Council Member. Assisted in rebuilding of the team. You will be missed. Our prayers are with your family.

Loving Tribute and Dedication to the fallen.
Former Team Members of the Past.
New design to be implemented for our members page. Let me know what you think. Design provided by "Eighty Eight"

Please note that all ranks and designations are for display purposes only and do not validate or detract from any individuals importance to the team. All rankings will be made final after an all team meeting can be established so that the Council can cast final votes.

Also, All rankings are based on US Army rankings.

Commissioned ranks (Officers)

Noncommissioned officer (NCO)

Enlisted Ranks







Master Sergeant

First Sergeant

Gunnery Sergeant

Staff Sergeant



Lance Corporal

Private First Class