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Fields of Play

LZ Bravo

LZ Bravo is located in the heart of South Corona. It has two flowing rivers and a large bowl sandbed. Troop movement can be executed via several covered routes or straight up the middle. Thsi field has lots of ambush areas and ample space for Downed pilot scenarios. It has many of the same styles and field play as LZ Delta.

Drop Zone

Located in the Lake Elsinore area, this field was discovered by our own member, Barkingspider. This field has ample field cover and 3 Giant hills to mount an assault from. The field has many trails or the player can forge his own trail. This field gets up into the triple digits during the summer, but tree coverage allows the player to seek shade before carrying on. This field is by invite ONLY as it is a Roughneck field that has been secured from the land Owner.



Killzone is one of our newest fields discovered in the late summer of 2006. It is scenic and grand in nature. There is a HUGE river flowing throught the middle and the center play area is surrounded by a huge valley that offers the most hard core player the opportunity to forge a trail. Many choke points and plenty of cover. Killzone is not to be used during the winter months due to the cold water. This field is for team members ONLY.


Mongoose is our newest field discovered in the late summer of 2006. It is scenic and grand in nature. This field is very similar to Coppermine. Large rock formations and many hills for troop movement. This field is for team members ONLY!



TBD is another new field discovered Winter 2006 by Spider. It is located in Murietta area and has a large area with plenty of cover and many trails. Easy parking and staging area allows players without SUV's to get in and out easily.

This field is for team members ONLY.

Angels Crest (TBN)

TBN is a Roughneck field discovered early 2007 by Gunther and is located in the general Orange County area as a replacement to Padres Mission. This field has extremely tough terrain allowing for good exercise and tactical training. It has plenty of ground cover and is away from civilization so that movement and gameplay is virtually undetected.

This field is for team members ONLY.


Battle Creek is located at the corner of Van Buren Ave. and Firethorn in Riverside. It is a State Park and should not be utilized for non-RAID games. This is a sensitive area and all trash should be packed out and the habitat left undisturbed.



Woodcrest Area 2 & 3 (Old Staging Area)

The most notable and popular Roughneck field is that of Woodcrest. Woodcrest has a combination of nearly every aspect of terrain incorporated into this large sized field. With features including ravines, hills, thick brush, a shack, and even a small stream, Woodcrest has easily become a favorite of many Airsofters.

Woodcrest has the ability to satisfy any type of Airsofter. Those who are interested in speedball are able to participate in slaughter-round games in the ravine conveniently located near the main staging area. For the more hard-core, military simulation participants, Woodcrest offers vast terrain for extensive, tactical scenario games.


This once great field has been temporarily unused due to development of homes on NANDINA Ave. Development has slowed as of September 2005. Games may be scheduled, but are subject to being moved based on commencement of development. This field is considered one of the more physically demanding of the Roughneck fields. There are many long hills with a very hard terrain. The field has many tight areas that can be great for ambushes. There are many rock formations that provide cover and places for sniping. Please make sure to have good hiking boots and LOTS of liquids.



Dirkistan, named for its likeness to its Iranian counterpart, offers the player both an urban assault and an outdoor rural feel. The field sports a 2 story abandoned office and an outdoor processing plant. While outdoors, the player has plenty of small cover areas to move and suppress. The office building has many rooms and several areas to ambush or use as suppressive fire bunkers. This Site is a Roughneck field ONLY and is not to be used outside scheduled events. The Field is subject to use by local Fire Department or Local Law Enforcement. Therefore, adherance to this policy must be strictly enforced.


Nestled in the Temecula Winery district, this Private Roughneck field will be the future site of some of our INVITE only games. It will feature hilly terrain with plenty of cover areas and a house for small urban assaults. It will offer an old abandoned junk yard of farm equipment and miscellaneous vehicles. It is massive in size. There are several rock formations and various vegetation and trees. There are many small hills and ravines to traverse. Snipers will find several areas of cover to set up traps, while assaulters will have many areas to flank and move tactically. We hope to have this field open after the harvest of the current seasons grapes. This field is on private property that is gated and locked. Strict adherence to INVITE schedule is mandatory as all others will be sited for trespassing. This is an active winery and not an abandoned site!


This Roughneck Field in a remote location Offers the serious Airsoft player every terrain obstacle that you can imagine. There are hills that provide perfect sniper nest locations. There are various tree covers and large open brush terrain. There is also a small stream that flows down a small valley. There are several acres of open land to plan Large OPS. This will quickly become the new replacement to Battlecreek. Offering ample parking and easy freeway access. The terrain has some similarities to our yearly OP known as Lion Claws.


Crossfire Alley

Another new field. This field is very similar to Woodcrest New. It has many old Orange trees as well as a few ravines. There are palm trees and some vacant burned down cars. The overall feeling that one conjures up when walking throughout the field is a sense of middle America. Access to the property is limited due to small dirt road access. There are several acres of land to plan through. The field provides multiple scenario based games. Games will soon commence at this new site.



Small site for short private games. This field is designed for 10-20 players. Quick Speedball games preferred.


Roach Motel

This new field will be used for large scale events since it is 2 large land owners properties. Hidden away in the Temecula valley off the 79. This field has large hills, an abandoned junk yard, long open fields, and a mobile home. This field is invite only since it is private property and has been secured for Roughneck sanctioned games only. Details and intel of this field is provided in the secure area of this site. Scheduled games will be made available in the first part of March and April, 2007. This field along with Spearhead will provide excellent training opportunities for Lion Claws. This field will be scheduled Quarterly since it is a long distance from our scheduled games and since it is such a large playing field.




This field is located near Riverside. This field has become the new replacement for Woodcrest. Located between the 215 and 15 freeways just South of the 91 freeway. Large lush land that offers every terrain needed for large OPS. Rock formations, abandoned structures, and deep valleys. Many times larger than Woodcrest, it provides hours of gameplay and multiple OP scenarios. Games here are Invite Only to maintain field integrity. Discovered by our own Roughneck Council Membership. Constantly striving to build the Airsoft community and its players.

Coming soon...CQB fields in and around Orange County & three new fields in Riverside!!!

updated September 2007






Closed as of November 2005