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Below you will find a simple list of requirements.


-Exclusive membership.
You will be expected to always be a Roughneck first, and not be a member of any other team in the area. This is primarily to avoid conflicts of interest when playing against other teams. Exceptions may be granted for players who don't live in Southern California full time.

-Ability to commit.
As a member of the team, you will be expected to show up to at least one game per month. Additionally, be aware that The Roughnecks occasionally participate in off-field events on days other than Saturday or Sunday; these events will usually be posted a week or more in advance.

-Attitude & honor.
Team image depends entirely on how its members conduct themselves. Subsequently, we have little or no tolerance for players who don't call their hits or repeatedly break other rules. Also, the Roughnecks employ a rank system among its members, and you may be expected to follow orders from time to time.

-Trial period.
The first step toward membership is to let us know who you are, and to play with or against us at our games. We want to make sure every new Roughneck member meets the requirements listed above.

-Initiation fee.
This $30 fee is primarily to pay for the Roughneck t-shirt and patches you will receive upon gaining membership. The remainder will go into an account that will be used for team events, Web site maintenance, Team BB's, or to help out players that might come up short on cash before attending team-related events.

There is a renewal fee of $20 per calendar year. Renewal fee is waved for people joining in the last quarter of the year.


-Joining the Team

Be aware that just because you apply for membership. It does not guarantee admittance. Team cohesion is first and foremost and not everybody is cut out to be a "Roughneck". We value team unity, having fun and playing Safely with integrity.


Appended April 2008