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Turning Off that ANOYING Radio Beep

Uniform Standards for The Roughnecks

Gearbox Repair & Service

110 Terms & Phrases

How to Build a Ghilliesuit

Mechbox Upgrade Tutorial

Another Tutorial On Mech Boxes

How to Disassemble a Glock

Open your Sig552. Instructions by Gunther

Additional Articles provided courtesy of "Hillbilly". (Jeff Burke)

Useful Airsoft Links

21st Century Airsoft

Airsoft Club

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Airsoft Global

Airsoft Innovations

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Filipino Airsoft

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Supply Captain

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The Armory

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Diamond Back Tactical

Flight Suits


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Smith and Wesson

Real World Applications

United Stated Air Force Photos

United States Air Force

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United States Defense Department

The Making of a Marine Officer

United States Marine Corps

Military Photos

United States Navy

Navy Seals

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